Abandonned car dealerships in Namie-machi, Fukushima, Japan

Yes, you surely have come accross some articles over the Internet about recent Google Street View coverage now available in Namie region, Fukushima prefecture in Japan, a region affected by both the tsunami and the radioactive state in the aftermath of the 3-11-2011 Tohoku earthquake.

Well, as urban explorers might want to guess, this city and area will most probably become a ghost town, for quite some time, since the inhabitants have been evacuated from the area and have only been granted very limited access since the disaster.

Hence why Google recently disclosed images of the area, fully available in Steet view. Why you say? Because the mayor of Namie and other mayors in the prefecture asked Google to cover the area wit Street View in order to provide its citizen with images of their homes in order to reassure them and get them to know the state of their city about two years after the disaster

You can today go thru Namie-machi (machi is for city) on Google Street View :

The more you get into the city, the more you realize that many things have been left behind. And as you know, I love cars so I couldn’t miss the many abandonned car dealerships and spots in the area.

Take a look at what I’ve captured for you (Pictures from Google, thanks Google!) :

This one carried the Subaru and Suzuki brands, and at some point the Daihatsu brand too!?

A view to inside the city and towards the mountain of the inner Japan :

The town is now deserted…

Sports cars have been put away, here, a Nissan Fairlady Z in the back and upfront an S13 Silvia :

Uh! Wait! There is also a R32 Skyline!!!

This one looks like the police is chasing the Google Street View car!!! :

This brand spankin’ Honda dealership looks like there are still customer’s cars waiting to be fixed… or recovered…

As the trucks and other cars left at this Daihatsu garage, maybe a repair spot, not sure about the small places like this one and the one in the first picture…

Sinking islands, worlds worth saving…

Have you ever thought of climate terrorism? Well, it’s happening… Tuvalu in the south Pacific ocean and islands between Australia and Papua New Guinea are struggling recently because of the rising water levels, and some other islands in other countries around this area are literally sinking.


Erosion and ice caps rapidly melting are responsible for this. The severe storms that seems to have taken a greater ampleness in the recent years are eroding faster and faster the tiny islands all around the world, especially on the east coast of the USA and the South Pacific ocean’s islands and nations…

Other parts of the world, in USA, for example, some islands that saw population in the late 1880’s and early 1900’s went under ; Holland island, in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, is one of them :



In the same area, Tangier island, located in Virginia, a little bit down south, is struggling in the same manner Holland island did :


Regardless of how we look at it, it’s bound to happen, some great islands, towns, paradise spots, and even some people and their cultures will slowly disappear as they’ll have to move out to higher grounds, other countries.

It already started, the United Nations declared the approximately 100 residents of Tegua, part of the Torres Strait Islands located in the South Pacific, the first climate change refugees in 2005.


Still, scientists are unsure of how rapidly water level will rise. This is bad, especially since they say that next year will probably be the first year the Arctic ocean will be ice-free in the summer…


Even great cities like Washington DC could affected ! :



And so I started watching yet another japanese drama, featuring some actors and actress I’ve merely ever seen before. This will set me back Tokyo, Akihabara district, which I didn’t have much time to visit in my 2011 trip to Japan. The title is Akihabara@DEEP, it tells the story of three young men encountering many different things related to their otaku lifestyle including the encounter of women. Seems like a nice funny action packed drama for a while!! 11 episodes to watch!
This is a good start for this 2013 year since I took a long one month hiatus on watching dramas… The last one being Nazotoki wa dinner ato de, which I watched online and quite remembered watching the first episodes a while ago or seeing a drama which had pretty much the same exact setup at the begginning. Not to say it was bad, but it lacked a little bit of depth and caracter. Nonetheless, this gave me “material” to consider giving another go at writing my novel, which is entering the 2nd year hiatus… I better have time to finish this one someday… Speaking of which, I’ve been thinking to rewriting completely my novel, keeping some elements, and improving the story’s depth and unforeseen drama..

Well, time to watch japanese drama now!!