Why I love Japan (Part 1A)

This is the first of a serie on stuff that I truly like about Japan and that makes me want to move there.
This first video which I’m presenting is very informative, very good to watch and to learn from for all of us.
Japanese people tends to eat way healthier than here in North America. When I went to Japan, I’ve been there for only two weeks actually, and by eating the food there, I was already starting to feel much better about myself than here. Also, the way of life of the Japanese people that I made myself live is very good. In the city you rarely use cars, you walk, you take the train, the subway. I lost about 10 to 15 pounds when I went to Japa because it was very warm and I walked a lot. Obviously I drank a lot and hydrated myself. It was the best vacations I’ve ever taken.
Today, and since I developped my passion for Japan, about 10 years ago, I eat more and more like the Japanese people. At home we eat a lot of rice, vegetables, fish and fruits, and we really like it. Nutrition is the center of our universe, why not make it the best? In America, there’s a lot of things that contains wheat flour and gluten, sugar… It’s very bad for our health, my dad has been very sick because of wheat gluten…

In an ideal world, I’d like our society to imitate and/or take lessons from the Japanese culture, and it starts with the nutrition.

These days in Tokyo, what’s happening big? COMIKET 82, the ultra-big anime and such convention in the world. Cosplays people and anime fans from around Japan and even from around the world flows to Odaiba to celebrate and participate in this mega event.

My regret is that last year, at the time of this bi-annual convention in August, I was there in Japan, but didn’t attend the convention. I hope to go there in the near future as there is a Winter Comiket apparently…