Abandonned car dealerships in Namie-machi, Fukushima, Japan

Yes, you surely have come accross some articles over the Internet about recent Google Street View coverage now available in Namie region, Fukushima prefecture in Japan, a region affected by both the tsunami and the radioactive state in the aftermath of the 3-11-2011 Tohoku earthquake.

Well, as urban explorers might want to guess, this city and area will most probably become a ghost town, for quite some time, since the inhabitants have been evacuated from the area and have only been granted very limited access since the disaster.

Hence why Google recently disclosed images of the area, fully available in Steet view. Why you say? Because the mayor of Namie and other mayors in the prefecture asked Google to cover the area wit Street View in order to provide its citizen with images of their homes in order to reassure them and get them to know the state of their city about two years after the disaster

You can today go thru Namie-machi (machi is for city) on Google Street View :

The more you get into the city, the more you realize that many things have been left behind. And as you know, I love cars so I couldn’t miss the many abandonned car dealerships and spots in the area.

Take a look at what I’ve captured for you (Pictures from Google, thanks Google!) :

This one carried the Subaru and Suzuki brands, and at some point the Daihatsu brand too!?

A view to inside the city and towards the mountain of the inner Japan :

The town is now deserted…

Sports cars have been put away, here, a Nissan Fairlady Z in the back and upfront an S13 Silvia :

Uh! Wait! There is also a R32 Skyline!!!

This one looks like the police is chasing the Google Street View car!!! :

This brand spankin’ Honda dealership looks like there are still customer’s cars waiting to be fixed… or recovered…

As the trucks and other cars left at this Daihatsu garage, maybe a repair spot, not sure about the small places like this one and the one in the first picture…

3 – 11 (Earthquake and tsunami)

Well, it’s been two years now since the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.
And still the pain is still visible thru the glimpse of life we happen to get here from Japan.
There is clearly some things that still need to be done there with reconstruction efforts and cleaning of areas touched by the Fukushima dai-ichi nuclear powerplant failure.
There are thousands of people still living in the aftermath, in the nightmare of having to deal with what happened there. Those who still live in temporary housing, those who suffer of having lost a relatives, a child, a brother, a parent, a neighbor…
These people NEEDS a relief!!! These people NEEDS help!!!
I cannot shut myself up thinking everything will solve itself… I wanna help… Even if it’s only a little bit.
I’m hoping I can get to Japan again soon and get myself helping in the reconstruction of this part of the country.
No need to say now how much I love Japan and how much I would give to live a good life there… Y’know, it ain’t ever been simple to move there either. And it certainly involves learning way more than what I already know [and I certainly know a whole bunch of things] about Japan.
Heck I’m still here trying to “get out” of my own life, struggling to get my objectives going…
I guess we all have our struggles, I’ll save you from the details, but when I think about the people in Japan, in Tohoku region, that had their life completely changed, see shattered… I can’t help just to say “gaman”, “hold on”!!