Japan. There have been a long time since I wanted to go there, visit this country with my own eyes, be part of it, live with it. I have been studying for a long time now about all and every aspect that revolves around this fabulous country which entertains various passions among my many friends. Some friends have lived there, some lives there, some left their lives there, wishing to go back someday, and I’m also like one of them. Since I visited Japan in August 2011 for a very short period of time (2 weeks), I think I’m having the time of my life trying to recover, realizing that, obviously, a “part of me” remained there and I cannot ignore this anymore. I’m more and more dragged into loving everything about this country even to the extent of defending proactively some tendencies that emanes from it. The country of the rising sun is gaining on me, but don’t be afraid, everything goes smoothly in this.

But what about my passion for this tiny archipelago, located at the other end of the earth, and so different from my “home” country you ask? Well, my “home” country doesn’t feel like home for a single second since, decision after decision, the government of Canada is slowly sinking into deep human-killing capitalism, encouraging destruction of the environment in profit to multi-national companies and interests of such money-making, profitable lobbies into conglomerates. I’m not sure if this makes any sense at all, but I don’t feel great when I think about everything that Canada, where I live, is about.
Well, Japan always seems to teach to me that the way we do things here in Canada is wrong in some way. Even if Japan itself has some drawbacks to live there and some negative points, positive points surpass greatly the lacks in some domains. The paths the Japan country evolves in are so much different from Canada than it is simply not comparable.

To be able to experience more of my love of Japan, I returned to Tokyo, in august and september 2013 for another 2 weeks vacation. Heck I would have loved to spend way more time there, if not my whole life, if only I could. Everybody that has looked into or actually moved to Japan from a “western” country will tell you : Immigrating to Japan is a real challenge… So, wonder why I’m still here dealing with all my cars and stuff? Sometimes you just can’t get over some things. But times are starting to change…

More to come…

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