The Hoodie Generation

I had to come back to Canada.

A lot of people said to me that I lost weight in the last few months and I only realize it now when I came back and went thru my clothes again and found some pants that I bought in Japan years ago but could fit in… Well, now they fit me perfect. Guess what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna work my ass off and keep my weight down as much as possible. I rarely feel very very empowered but now I do. You have to put things you live now in perspective to attain reachable goals in your life in order to perform. If you only dream about doing something and don’t treat the steps to get there as individual goals, you’ll never reach what you long for.
So I don’t feel like drinking for a while. I don’t feel like eating bad food, fast food for a while.
Back here in my “home” in Canada, my father eats pretty healthy and he needs to as this is not only because he’s gluten intolerant but because nutrition is the basic of life, it’s the basis to everything.

Sometimes you wish you had more things….
I’ve spent one year with limited expenses, limited ressources and only a part of the stuff I had and I was perfectly fine.
I’ve had some times I thought I could use some things I have home but finally found a way to do or think things differently.
Now I came back “home” I found out I have WAY TOO MUCH stuff… I need to get rid of litterally “EVERYTHING” before attempting to go back to Japan next time.
Like I said I went throught the clothes I had left here and decided that 50% of it was just junk. I don’t wear sweathers with no hoodie anymore, nor that I wear jeans.
I still need clothes to use for working in mechanics and in the yard here for the time I’ll be here so I kept some old stuff and torn off some sleeves.

Note : the featured picture for this blog post is from my favorite shop in Takeshita dori in Harajuku, Tokyo.

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