A gamble…

So if you’ve been following me lately… (not sure how few of you has…) I’m applying for a program that let me study in Japan for two years while being sponsored by a company who loan me the school fees and let me work part-time with them to pay back the loan and finally hire me after I graduate. I’m confident that this a step in a good direction for me. I really want to learn more Japanese and add some juice to my already well-filled resume and then apply all those skills to a career I can develop in Japan.
I know this is a very big gambling for me as I will have to sacrifice many things in my life, my cars, my stuff, my contacts with some people and family… but as I said many time, we’ve got only one life to live, let’s try to live it fully and follow what your dreams and your heart tells you.
I’ve been thru so many things and yet again there is still some doubt in my mind that what I’m attempting to do now will somehow work well. It’s one of the biggest steps I’ve ever taken but this gambling could skyrocket me to a more interesting career than what I have envisioned earlier.
I had loved to go to University in Canada with coming back to Japan in mind to teach English or such but this would have meant that I wouldn’t learn the Japanese language as much and wouldn’t be developing contacts and connection in Japan, in immersion.
Getting to live in Japan was the first goal. It all began when I decided to apply for the working holiday visa. This step meant that this possible year or working holiday would be decisive as to if I’d rather continue my life in Canada or in Japan.

This past year on working holiday in Japan wasn’t that easy, but I think I managed it relatively well. I wasn’t really stranded even if I broke a foot in June 2016.

There are some good things and less good things in Japan but when you are someone like me who learned to see the good things even in the worse moments, you can easily figure out many things when living here.

I’ve lived in big cities, I’ve lived in the countryside. So far, the countryside is astonishingly beautiful, but the cities offers a degree of convenience far more superior to any other country.
When I broke my foot, I’ve lived alone in a small but beautiful apartment in Matsumoto with nothing in it and yet for about 100$ I managed to find used stuff and discount shop as well as every service I needed to peacefully live in town without having to go out much because this meant walking with crutches, and god knows how sweaty and tired you get…

More gambling…

This week I also received an email from an hotel group that I’ve been in contact with for a job. My friend Sawame-san, who I worked with in Hakuba this past winter, suggested that I apply to work for this hotel’s group location that is in Hakuba.
He even went out of his way and accompanied me to Hakuba to have an interview.
At that time, in June, they said they could possibly hire me and give me a work visa!!! But hiring me as soon as my working holiday visa finish would mean I would start work in September. But in Hakuba in September there is pretty much nothing happening there. So they suggested that I make contact with their branch in Karuizawa and if everything goes well in interview, I could start working there from September to December and then move to Hakuba in the winter because the hotel is also a ski resort there so it will be busy.
So this week, I’m going to Karuizawa to get an interview.
I’d say that I’d prefer to start working there over the option of studying in Japan, which would possibly be a very different challenge. Since I already worked at different accomodation facilities in Japan, and in different position, I already have a good idea how the work is so…
I’ll see…
I’ll keep you guys updated on this blog as much as possible as well as the outcome between the different opportunities that I’ve got…

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