JAL 123 – The crash, the conspiracy

You might not know about it but on this day 31 years ago, one of the deadliest plane crash in commercial flight history has happened in Japan. With 520 fatalities including the plane crew, it was a big disaster.
Apparently, according to the official reports and news, a faulty repair on the Boeing 747-SR100 years earlier because of a tail-strike incident caused the rear of the airplane to suddenly suffer from an explosive decompression while rendering the thing carrying many people inoperable and uncontrollable.
The crew could contact the ground and check what they could do but unfortunately, since the airplane couldn’t be maneuvered it went in circles and ended up crashing in the mountains of the southern Gunma prefecture, deviating from its original destination, Osaka.
The plane crashed all on its own in the mountains and apparently, according to the surviving victims, there were a bunch of survivors but they had to wait until morning to be rescued because of some half-ass decision from the Japanese government not to send the American allies on the crash site at first.

In any way, you can read the whole story of what everyone said happened, according to the medias and such on Wikipedia here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_Airlines_Flight_123

What the story doesn’t tell tough is that many witnesses and well-informed people have a very different view of what actually happened. And it’s way worse than you think.
First, the airplane was full of people traveling the country for the Obon holidays. Some of the people on board were actually important people that were against the Japanese prime minister Nakasone engaging into the Plaza Accord.
Then, at the crash site, in early morning, some civilian witnesses that were the first on the site discovered that there was already army staff there but they were not especially trying to rescue the people that were still dying at the moment. They were picking up some other stuff on the ground, what to be discovered later through photographs that there was parts of other airplanes and nuclear weapon along the carcass of the Boing 747. Some people also found years later a bottle of VX gas that was presumably used to poison the survivors that could’ve known about the Boeing being shot at from either a stealth American forces or Japan Defense Forces aircraft or possibly a Russian one.
Some studies and researchers found some very suspicious facts about that crash and the fact that some of the bodies that have been burned not once but twice as well as having some bodies missing and account of other survivors at the site, especially the case of one boy which body was never found but appeared to be alive on one photograph.
It’s true that rescue operations were delayed but they knew of the crash site right when it happened and people flew there right away.
The actual survivors said later that when they woke up among the plane debris, there was lights and voices of people and some lamentation of other survivors. If the right people would’ve been there at the right time, they would’ve probably been much more survivors but being pretty-much a self-terrorist act from the Japanese government and not an accident, this dark chapter may never be known.
This is one of the worst things I’ve ever found about Japanese history and it’s highly criticized. A lot of Japan Defense Forces staff committed suicide in the following years after the crash and one serious researcher knowing a lot about the crash was poisoned the day before he was about to give a conference about the truth about the crash.

In the end… We can’t help but mourn the victims of this tragedy, whatever the reasons why the plane crashed or was shot down with a nuclear weapon, or was carrying one…
There are many horrifying pictures of the crash site over the internet, I recommend not looking at them before going to bed, you might have nightmares…

I may have my blog erased because of posting this but…
If you’re curious, here are some links :


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