About CSSPJ program : the application.

Got some more news for the school sponsorship program that I’ll probably join next year. For those who don’t know. This is called a the CSSPJ program and it is offered by an agency with decent details. Check it out here : www.japan-school.com
As first I was worried that this might be a scam but a number of things told me that this is the real deal. There are blogs of people currently studying and working in Japan with the help of this right now and they have been offering this program for people from outside of Japan since 2014. So this is relatively new.
But they are a small part of what the real deal is. The agency pretty much only connects the companies, the students and the language schools and works in order to make links between all of these and it seems efficient so far.
Also, hopefully, the agency and the school will conjointly provide support, accommodation and such, as to ensure that the students really go thru studying and finding work.

There was a first interview in which they discussed about my Japanese language ability and why I’m interested in Japan and studying Japanese. This was pretty easy since I already speak Japanese and I’ve been in Japan for about one year now and I’ve been studying Japanese language and culture for a long time now.

I had a second interview a few days ago and they reviewed my profile and skills to have it submitted it to companies and schools.
We also discussed about where I would possibly be going to go in Japan. About the choices there is Nagoya, Tokyo and Fukuoka… Probably more, but that were the most obvious choices.
I have set my first choice as Tokyo, for many reasons, but I would have been interested in going to Nagoya too, but I’ve never been there yet and I don’t know a lot of people there, contrary to Tokyo.

So, after a few days, they replied back to me and I am eligible for the full 75% sponsorship. This means a company or maybe multiple companies saw my profile, resume and application and there are looking to hire someone like me.
So one of them will technically be sponsoring the whole of my school fees and I will pay them back. The company will technically be responsible for me, for my visa and everything so since it’s as a pretty damn big gambling for them as it is for me, this seems legit and it also means that they are big companies which can afford to invest into that kind of risk.
I will have to pay the 25% from my pockets by lump sum divided by the number of semesters, but only at each beginning of semesters. So this means paying upfront a certain about of money of about 7.5% if there is 4 semesters.
And then, during the time I will be studying and working part time as a student, I will pay back the other 75% to the sponsoring company monthly, like a loan, until the end of the program or beyond since I’ll probably be hired full time by my sponsor company after I get my Japanese language degree. Also, it may also happen that I graduate after one year or between the first and the second year depending how good I become.

So, right, along  with the good news about being able to be sponsored to the program’s maximum, they released to me the information that I’ve been chosen to study in a language school in Tokyo… in Aoyama !!!!
Yes that’s next to Harajuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, Omotesando… The big yen sign all over the place…
Not a shady backyard place… It’s a high-end education institution in the most high-class part of Tokyo, reknown for being an International gateway for students, mostly from Asia, to come study the language in Japan and have those people get job placement in the country. This is their website : http://www.aoyama-international.com/index-e.html
As for the accommodation, I have been informed that in Tokyo, the possible location is in Ueno area… Maybe elsewhere.
In the first year of study, I will live as the designated accommodation as it is the rule from the program since they want to be able to closely guide all the people and provide appropriate support.
In the second year, it is possible to find our own place to live, freely… So since I have tons of friends and acquaintances in Tokyo already, this shouldn’t be a problem to find probably a cheaper or better place to stay, or to stay with a good friend, or, who knows… a girlfriend!!!!
Stay put! More to come.

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