Back on my feet!

I’m back on my feet!!!
Today I went back to the hospital in Takayama where I’ve done all my treatments for my injured foot. After they cut my cast and took x-rays, my doctor studied the X-rays of my foot and promptly requisitioned the crutches and gave me my deposit back while kindly and politely saying “bout it bro, chillout and gimme those damn crutches, get that dough and you can roll out man!!”. In short, I can walk, with the weak foot sideways in order not to have to fold my toes.
I must take it slowly tough, I’m barely able to walk now… But my doctor said my cracked bone has recovered, it’s just a matter of getting my foot functional again!

I did my home work well, after i went to the hospital the first time, I had quit alcool completely, and when I moved to my apartment in Matsumoto, I started eating things that are good for bone formation and health such as food rich in Vitamin C, D, K, calcium, magnesium and zinc.
In Japan we have “komatsuna” which is a sort of spinach that contains a lot of Vitamin K. Natto also contains a lot of it. Then the fish contains Vitamin D and calcium, peanuts contains zinc and magnesium… and I ate some other things too like yogurt, tomatoes, rice, eggs, orange juice, dried bananas, almonds…
The upcoming days will be very important for me, I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up.
I’ll keep you guys updated!

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