So much negative stuff about my country of origin on Facebook…

This adds to many many things that happens there, that I find completely absurd…

Yes, they decided that it was OK to let the sewers of the biggest city in the main river of the country for 7 days…

Yes, the government is cutting in important things like :
Nurses ✓
Community groups ✓
The consultative bodies ✓
Youth organizations ✓
Services to students ✓
Higher education ✓
The fight against dropping ✓
The integration of immigrants ✓
Childcare ✓

Yes people continues wanting to vote for the same assholes over and over because of candies and stupid reasons like “if we vote for the other party, this will happen, and if we vote for the third party, well, it’s not big enough to win anything”…. -_- ASSHOLES!!!!!

Yes pretty much all major companies are tax-exempt and benefit from the LIMITED natural resources for a ridiculously small fee..

Yes in general, average people are living their lives like a video game, not giving a fuck about their education, laws, future and everybody else… They just like being douche-bags dickheads that want to look cool and hit up all the swag like YOLOs…

Yes people just spend their time debating on if it’s all right to have a debate and who has the right to debate, and then complain just thinking about their own good aiming only for the highest benefits without thinking of their neighbors, this, instead of actually doing something useful.

Yes people complain instead of working, ask why they have to work instead of doing shit…

Yes, a country that I think will never get anywhere…

Yes you want to debate about why I say all of this, you think it’s “just me”…

Yes you want to know why it’ll be better off living in Japan..

Well, Japan is far from perfect too, but at least its people are doing things differently (actually doing something) and thinking differently and this shows, Japan doesn’t seems like it but it’s plenty to tightly knit communities in which people care about others…

Now if you’ll excuse me… NO I’LL JUST EXCUSE MYSELF, I need to go continue to learn Japanese…

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